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  • The establishment of AirTAC post-doctor workstation
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  • Recently, after the approval of Zhejiang province human resources department, the AirTAC Ningbo post-doctor workstation has been established. The approval of workstation is an affirmation and extraordinary milestone for AirTAC technical research and development.


    Post-doctor workstation is a group aiming to cultivate post-doctor researchers in enterprises, scientific research institution with advanced technology and abundant capital. The workstation builds up the bridge between enterprises and high-tech personnel, integrating the industrial, academic and research development field.


    The establishment of post-doctor workstation provides the platform for research development and high-tech personnel. In the future, AirTAC will take this as an opportunity to conduct more innovative scientific researches and utilize in actual product development, accelerating the cultivation and introduction of high-tech personnel to bring our enterprise to a higher level.